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Post #123 – Make No Mistake, I am also a HEALTH BITCH…and I’m not going to apologize for it!

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In my 40+ years on this earth, I’ve been rejected or dumped by more men than I could ever shake my hooters at…:). Yeah, I know, shocking, right? :). Allstate once dropped me because of my ex-husband’s excessive speeding tickets. Seven years ago, I had to sever ties with my friend of 20+ years at her request, because she prefers to hang out with her mental illness in lieu of reality alley, if you know what I mean. However, until now, I’ve never been axed by my doctor, which was brought about by this conversation:

“So, you’re saying that I should switch to Humira injections though I’ve told you numerous times that I’m not doing that because of of the risk of cancer or worse. However, in your medical opinion, risking lymphoma or a heart attack or or liver failure or possibly making my psoriasis worse, not to mention about a dozen other equally egregious ailments from taking Humira is better than risking dry skin, spider veins, thinning or burning skin from using Dovobet?

“I don’t know what the side effects are for Dovobet-”

“According to what I’ve read, Dovobet has the same ingredients as Taclonex, and all topical steroid creams have the same side effects of thinning skin and what have you. And  Kara [one of the RNS] said you wouldn’t prescribe Dovobet because you’ve never heard of it. But it’s made by Leo Pharmaceuticals, the same company that makes Taclonex.”

[Talconex is the ointment I’ve used for 7-8 years that contains a topical steroid and Vitamin D].

“Yes, Kara told me,” Dr. Reynolds sputtered in a staccato tone. “But it’s not-”

“Did you even research it?”

“It’s made outside the U.S., so I-”

“Yes, I know that, but it seems to me that someone at Leo Pharmaceuticals could provide information about it.  That’s where I got the information about Dovobet, from Leo Pharma’s European website. And I realize it’s frowned upon by the FDA to purchase prescriptions like Dovobet from Canada. But I spoke to an attorney here in the U.S., and it’s not illegal. And a pharmacist at a Canadian drug store that I contacted said the bulk of their business is from the U.S. that they get thousands of prescriptions from the U.S. every year. He assured me Dovobet has the same ingredients as Taclonex. And I’ll sign whatever waiver or authorization you want stating I won’t sue you if I have an adverse reaction to Dovobet.”

“Yes, I know. But that’s not the problem.”

“Okay, then explain to me how injections that might give me cancer or kill me-”

“That’s a very remote possibility-” Dr. Reynold’s interjected.

“But it is possible because Humira and prescriptions like Humira suppress your immune system, but how is it better than the ointment I’m already using that doesn’t have any life-threatening side effects? Plus, I don’t understand why you’re suggesting I switch from Taclonex, which costs me $598 per month, which I can’t afford, which is WHY I’d like to get Dovobet from Canada because it’s only $284 for more than a 2 month supply, which is much more financially doable. But you’re recommending Humira, which  according to my insurance policy would cost me $1600/month plus the $40 co-pay for the office visit, making Humira THREE times more expensive than Taclonex? I realize you don’t know the particulars of my insurance policy, but you had already said that Humira was around $5,000/month, and since I can’t afford Taclonex, how exactly does a more expensive treatment solve my problem?”

Additionally,  I don’t want to subject myself to the agonizing pain of a needle puncturing every single inch of skin claimed by psoriasis, and right now, I’ve got about 40 spots, instead of an ointment that’s around $1500 cheaper, which isn’t painful nor life threatening. So, explain to me why Humira is better than Canadian Taclonex because I’m lost.”

Her face reddened. And her flat-eyed glare spoke volumes before she said, “Perhaps, it’s best if you find another doctor at this point in time. Sometimes the doctor-patient relationship doesn’t, um…” her voice undulating in anger, “It may not offer the best therapeutic solution, perhaps, a second opinion is in order.”

And she slammed out of the room.

All righty then. The younger, rather shy nurse, Amy-Jo, slithered out of the room avoiding eye contact. I sat there cold and alone and half dressed, and I just started laughing. Not how most people would’ve reacted, but I guess when you point out the less than brilliant ideas of your doctor, you get 86’d from your own medical care. And I found that rather amusing.

And the thing is, before this incident, I really liked Dr. Reynolds. But, sadly, I think that she’s been so brain-washed by the traditional ways of practicing medicine that she can’t see the box, much less consider stepping outside of it, ya know?

Aside from that, it’s almost like she wanted to do Humira injections because it could eradicate my psoriasis for a couple of months. Whereupon, she can put me in the WIN column – temporarily, maybe? I don’t know.

But I’ve been dealing with this disease for 30 years, and it doesn’t really bother me that there’s no cure. I’ve gotten really good at applying leg makeup, and I see no reason to gamble with Humira and pray I don’t get lymphoma or something to make my skin prettier and less itchy.

There’s a remedy that makes it better, and that’s all I need, but I’m not going to augment my credit card debt to buy the accepted practices just because my doc doesn’t have the balls to fly below the established medical radar. Ya know? Maybe, that’s too harsh. I know that her heart’s in the right place, but I guess she doesn’t realize that TenaciousB is allergic to taking NO for an answer. Guess I should’ve mentioned that to her before now.

Case closed? Of course, not…cuz, you know, IT’S ME.

So, for those who are confused about this whole doctor/patient/Leo Pharma thing, check out my previous post at: for the 411/background on this prickly predicament. And in case you’re wondering what psoriasis is – it’s an autoimmune disease that causes an overproduction skin cells, and it looks like this:


And this is a MILD break out…

Nothing to see here, just a 45-year-old woman with gray roots, more middle in my middle than I’d like to be carrying around and legs that could fake their way through a cover shoot for Chicken Pox Monthly.

OVER AND OUT FROM THE DOCTOR-LESS BITCH AND HER BAND OF TRUTH-SPOUTING HIPPIES who would rather not scratch their arms and legs in their sleep and wake up with bloody sheets…


Love and Oatmeal Cookies~


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