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Post #106 – Trippin’ with the tribe – AGAIN!

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So, apparently, I shouldn’t get gas as I leave town. The last time I took off to see my husband’s band, Murnane Tribe, play at the Rock House in Indy, I drove off with the gas cap clanking loudly against the side of my Escalade (as mentioned in this post: THIS time, I pulled in too close to a white metal barrier next to the gas pumps, and I heard this metallic CRUNCH as I pulled away, only to find that I had scraped the side of my car on the white metal barrier, leaving a lovely set of skid marks on my SUV (sigh) – pictured below.

SIDE OF MY CARI hope we can buy some touch-up paint or something to cover up those streaks. If not, OOPS…and double oops…

Otherwise, all went well, and it was a great show. However, I had dinner with my cousin Juliana and her husband before the show, and she kept adding more Merlot to my glass when it was half empty. So, I lost track of time, and in a blink, it was 11:30. I hurriedly changed clothes and drove to the club, which was about 15 minutes away, and I missed the first 2 songs. But that’s okay, I saw the remainder of their set (i.e. the photos below). My husband’s the front man on the left playing bass and singing.

MIKE TONY 23JUST TONYUnfortunately, the batteries were dead in my camera, and some of my cell photos are blurry. Yes, I know, next time – CHECK one’s equipment before leaving… JUST SEAN 4  Sean, the drummer for Murnane Tribe.

I stayed for a little while after the Tribe quit playing to see the last band, Misunderstood, who were really good. They’re from Dayton, I think, and they were rather reminiscent of the Runaways. A couple photos of them below…

LEAD SINGER - MISUNDERSTOOD   Lead singer for Misunderstood.

MISUNDERSTOOD 2 Misunderstood at the Rock House Cafe – Indianapolis, July 27, 2013

Murnane Tribe, however, didn’t start playing until midnight, and by the time I got back to Juliana’s house on the South end of Indianapolis and got ready for bed, it was almost 3 AM when I crashed for the night. So…I’m a rather worn out today.

Then, in the morning, much to my surprise, Juliana’s cat, Mocha, decided I’m now her BFF (photo below).

MOCHA MY NEW BFFShe’s always either ignored me or hissed at me whenever I dared to walk near her.  However, this time, she climbed up on my lap, mewed demurely, then curled up and went to sleep. Of course, she did this just as I was about to get up and get dressed and head out the door.

I checked my email on my phone and let her sleep a few minutes, and when I started to sit up and displace her, she hissed at me again. So, I guess I can’t win. Finally, I just sat up and gingerly set her back down on the couch, which is when I snapped the photo above. She was glaring at me, so I don’t know if that just made it appear as though she’s cross-eyed, or she is actually cross-eyed. She’s never cozied up to me before to where I could actually SEE her eyes before this past weekend. I emailed Juliana for clarification, but I haven’t heard back from her yet.

Anywho…after getting stuck in construction traffic and behind a wreck on 70 East, I made it home around 6:30 last night.  Back to the not-so-glamorous life of a rock star’s wife with 14 pounds of dirty laundry waiting for me and a scratched up SUV (triple oops).

And as a follow-up to my previous posts about my trip back home to WV for high school reunion – mentioned in these posts:

Brenda (a friend from HEHS) emailed me this link about the pink elephant:

So, I guess that iconically weird statue remains a mystery…

Oh, and as a side note:  the Tribe got to do a promo for an Internet radio station in London, so stay tuned…I’ll post the link to the radio station whenever the promo is finished. Kind of exciting, yeah?

Over and out from CRAZYTOWN’S annex…

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Post #105 – About that Pink Elephant and a dance down memory lane…

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As promised, the continuation of my previous post: about my high school reunion…
HEHS HUGGIE  Photo stolen from Jennifer Sowards Parsons 🙂

that almost wasn’t. I’m happy to say it was a lot of fun. We actually had 40-50 people show up, which was a nice surprise (i.e. the photos below)! However, there were so many cameras flashing, we didn’t know where or WHEN to look, so they caught me sans smile a couple of times…I’m in the back row with the gray/white dress.
GROUP PHOTO 5 FROM STEVE rev Photo above stolen from Laura Stapleton….
GROUP PHOTO OF EVERYONEPhoto above stolen from Karen Wigglesworth.

Though there was a good crowd, sadly, I learned one of our classmates has such acute anxiety about driving that she didn’t attend, and she only lives a couple of hours away!

While dining on Tascali’s delicious Italian grub, we caught up on our families and our careers, etc. Additionally, the fact that one of our distinguished alumni who didn’t attend is now the Chief of Police was interesting. And another classmate who is a police officer actually pulled a guy over the Friday before the reunion just to tell him that he was going to the reunion! LOL… I thought that only happened in the movies! The cop was also a no-show as well, and I was all set to make jokes about Barney Fife and such!

Anywho…the next day, I decided to troll around town revisiting scenes from my past. The first place my SUV landed, almost as if on auto-pilot was:

HUNTINGTON EAST HIGHThe original site of HEHS (photo stolen from Brenda Runyon :)), which isn’t a crackhouse after all. It’s home to several board of education offices and an alternative school. Wonder if the back hallway still fills up with smoke when the incinerator is grinding away? And does the 2nd floor hallway still exude the odor of pinto beans as it seemed to do 24-7 back in the 80s?

Next, I drove down 10-12 blocks from the old HEHS building…to the institution of higher learning where I earned my BA in English in 1988…

MARSHALL SIGN ON FOURTH 2And, yes, ’tis the same Marshall that is the subject of the movie…

we are marshallWe are Marshall, starring Matthew McConaughey and Matt Fox. I attended the premier with my mother (photo of us below at my parents’ house before the debut of WE ARE MARSHALL).

MOM AND I GOING TO THE PREMIERSadly, we lost Mom to cancer six months later. God rest her soul.

I also noticed some changes around the student union. For example, this lovely brick walkway depicted in this photo below didn’t exist when I went to MU.

STUDENT UNION revThe  summer before graduation, we had a drought. Not one single drop of rain from May through October. I remember walking across campus along the dusty trail running through the grass where this walkway is now – toward the student union to grab lunch, and I don’t think the sands flanking the Nile were any hotter.

After that, I got misty-eyed looking at this icon not far from the union…

ALPHA XI HOUSE 2You can’t see the Greek Letters for the thick clump of trees, but this is the Alpha Xi Delta House, my mother’s sorority where Mom lived for 2 years. And my cousin Shauna (mentioned in  – a tale about my unfortunate incarceration) and my cousin Jillian are also alumni.

And I had to stand on the corner of 16th and 4th and sigh while GLARING at this atrocity. While I’m sure their pizza is good, I can’t believe the food is anywhere near …

HUSSONS - HULIOSas good as its predecessor – HULIO’S, mentioned in this post:

After grumbling at Husson’s for a moment, I decided to head home to Ohio, but first…I started LAUGHING a few blocks away at a memory spawned by something so innocuous…


I know. Speedway? Back in the late 80s it was a SuperAmerica that got robbed several times, but it wasn’t your usual B & E or something.

When I was a senior at Marshall, I met my now ex-husband, Ashe, who is the subject of this post: … I waited tables, and Ashe worked the door (or bartended) at a bar called The Rock n Roll Cafe, not far from Marshall. I gave him a ride home one night, and we stopped at this location, i.e. SuperAmerica/now Speedway.

While standing in line to pay for a six-pack of Rolling Rock and an 8-pack of Pepsi in the bottle (yes, the 16 oz. bottles made with REAL SUGAR), I saw Ashe lumbering by with a 12-pack of Bud-Light on his shoulder. Then, he waved with a beguiling smile at Robby, the clerk, saying, “Thanks, Robby. Have a good one.” And he walked out WITHOUT paying.

Robby glared at him and mumbled, “Asshole,” and let out an exasperated SIGH, but he didn’t try to stop him. He didn’t call the police or anything. Keep in mind that Ashe was 6′ 5″ tall and weighed about 300 pounds, so maybe Robby was afraid to do anything. I don’t know. I was shocked.

Then, I watched in shock as Ashe swaggered outside and over to my beat-up Nissan. He set the beer on the hood, cracked one open, leaned against my car and took a big slurp as if nothing had happened.

No one else in the store seemed to notice. I gawked at an obviously annoyed Robby for a second, handed him a 20-dollar bill, got my change and left.

Ashe acted like it was a big joke. “It’s okay. I know the manager,” he said laughing.

“Ashe, that beer might only cost like $6 with tax, but you could still go to jail,” I said.

Ashe just shrugged.

“You need to go back in there and pay for that!”

Ashe shook his head. We argued bitterly, but he didn’t budge. All I had left was $40 in tips that I HAD TO USE for my electric bill, or I would’ve paid it. I steered clear of Ashe for awhile after that not.

Apparently, Ashe did this frequently, according to my brother, Ben. Only most of the time, Ashe would merely saunter across the street to the brick house pictured below where Ben lived in the first floor apartment at the time.

16th and 6th 2Ashe crashed on Ben’s couch one night in April of 1987 and kind of just never left until they both moved to Orlando in August of ’88.

About four months after I witnessed Ashe pinching that Bud Light, Robby got fired. And I would imagine Ashe was clearly visible on the video from inside the store that ended Robby’s tenure at SuperA, but the cops never showed up at the Rock n Roll Cafe or Ben’s door looking for Ashe. And no one ever called either.  Ashe wasn’t dumb enough to steal anything else after Robby was terminated, thank God. And to my knowledge, Ashe never did anything like that again.

And as a side note, 5 years earlier, a Corvette ran a red light just as I entered that intersection and hit me, and I wrecked into the porch of the white house next to Ben’s apartment (photo above) and totaled my mother’s Buick. Fortunately, no one was injured, and, thankfully, her insurance paid for a new car. Even still, I always thought, perhaps, that intersection had some bad mojo going on.

And, last but not least, as promised, a photo of the pink elephant from Post #103:

PINK ELEPHANT 2I called the Locksmith located in the shadow of the pachyderm. The employee who answered didn’t know why the pink elephant had been erected there. But I wonder since people constantly FORGET their keys and lock themselves out, that the elephant, who allegedly never forgets…will be there for you. I left a message for the owner of the Locksmith’s shop and the dry cleaner next door, but as yet, no one has called back.

Over and out from f*cked central…

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Post #104 – Teaser TUESDAY – about the NECK and such…

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Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

To add a teaser to your own blog or make comments on, go here:

That said, here’s a couple of lines from the wonderful tome I am currently consuming:

“Our faces are lies, and our necks are the truth. You have to cut open a redwood tree to see how old it is, but you wouldn’t have to if it had a neck.”

From I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK by Nora Ephron. Nora, God rest her soul, was the screenwriter who penned the infamous: Silkwood, Sleepless in Seattle, and my favorite – When Harry Met Sally among other incredible screenplays. And her book is just as hilarious as When Harry Met Sally, which I think was a ground-breaking if not brilliant screenplay, which totally illuminated an entirely different view of relationships between men and women.

Hope you’re all having a great day.

TenaciousBITCH and her band of truth-spouting hippies

Post #103 – The story of the PINK elephant and a high school reunion that almost wasn’t…

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When I was in high school, at the beginning of my senior year, our class voted for: DEATH IS THE ULTIMATE BUZZ as our motto. I know what an AWFUL saying, but we were teenagers, after all. Luckily, the Principal shot down what we thought would be the most hysterical credo ever devised in the history of Huntington East High School. I was very depressed in high school, and I’m thinking there were quite a few others, considering our morbid motto.

I have no clue what its replacement was, but as I recall the word DREAMS was hiding somewhere in the contents of our alleged 8-word philosophy. And I’m betting that no one in my class of 303 individuals remembers the motto either.

Do we sound a tad EMO? Maudlin and apathetic, perhaps? Well, as a matter of fact, we were, and, apparently, still are. Our 30th reunion is this weekend. Originally, a dinner at Guyan Country Club was scheduled.

However, less then 30% of the class was slated to attend, so it was cancelled. Then another a week or so later, I received an email that it was still on, but plans had changed, and people were meeting at Tascali’s Italian restaurant.

There was a gathering at a bar last night, the name of which I don’t remember because I opted to stay home and watch THE EVIL DEAD with my son, Max, and my husband, Charlie. Actually, I was supposed to have a dinner meeting with a client at 6PM last night, but she cancelled at the last minute, which was fine.

There’s a picnic today at a local park, which I’m also skipping because I’m way too lazy to get up at 6 AM on a Saturday in order to make the 3-hour trip to my hometown by 11 AM or so to sit in the miserable heat, which will be cresting around 97 F (37 Celsius thereabouts) in the shade. And fighting off flies and bats and whatever else might fall out of the sky on a hot summer day in West Virginia during one’s midday meal isn’t really my thing.

That said, don’t get me wrong. Though I hated most everything about high school, I’m looking forward to seeing the 15-20 folks who are going to be at Tascalis this evening. And I’ll elaborate in a future post as to why I hated most of the three years of my adolescent subsistence at HEHS.

I’ve never been to Tascali’s, so I decided to look up the address because I don’t recall exactly where it is in Barboursville, which is about 7 or 8 miles from where the high school had been.

The high school itself has now become either an abandoned crackhouse – or possibly houses some offices for the Board of Education, can’t remember which. I haven’t spent much time in WV since Dad died in 2009, so I’m not privy to the specifics of my former alma mater at present.

They built a new high school that I could almost eyeball from my parents’ house sometime in 2000 that consolidated HEHS with Huntington High School, so the building where I acquired my high school diploma is no longer the actual high school.

ANYWHO…when I went cyber-traveling to determine Tascali’s proximity from my hotel, I stumbled upon this AWESOME graphic:


ONLY in West Virginia would you find a PINK elephant as a landmark to look for in relation to a particular address!  And, YES, there is a pink elephant on Route 60 East in Barboursville. I remember it vividly and always pondered as to its odd existence.

If there were an Indian restaurant or, perhaps Ethiopian restaurant or something, it might make sense to have a statue of a pink elephant as a beacon calling all those who like that sort of cuisine, sort of like the fat boy associated with Shoney’s or Frisch’s restaurant.

However, this is WV. The only ethnic restaurants are Chinese and Mexican. I can’t remember what businesses are in/around said PINK elephant, but I shall make certain to photograph said pachyderm for all my wonderful followers to feast their eyes upon.

That said, TIME TO GO…

Tenacious BITCH and her band of truth-spouting hippies…:)

Post #102 – For the love of books, already – gotta luv Teaser Tuesdays!

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I’ve decided to join Teaser Tuesdays, which a worthy cause in honor and support of the almighty love of books – described below:

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

To add a teaser to your own blog or make comments on, go here:

That said: here’s my teaser from Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster:

“Because I’m all about urban archeology, I scooped up the wet pile of garbage [over spill from the vacant lot next door], drying out the pieces on paper towels lining my counters. And I found a letter to an ex-resident from the State Unemployment Office explaining that one cannot FILE for unemployment if one has never actually held a job.”

While I had to resist the urge to add a couple exclamation marks (!!) to the end of the last sentence above because I thought it was hysterical, ya gotta love JEN! She makes ordinary life and ordinary chaos absolutely hilarious. And her books are so relatable – like the chapter about Jen’s experience with the dreaded swim SKIRT.

That said, Ms. Lancaster is one of my favorite writers, and if anyone decides to check out Jeneration X, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! And, no, it’s not her first book. I’m a book behind. But anyway…my husband is constantly asking me what I’m laughing about when I drag JenX into the loo!

He’s even let me read a few passages aloud (will wonders never cease from the man whose eyeballs turn to very dull orbs of annoyance if I dare suggest reading ANYTHING to him cuz yeah, he hasn’t read a book since Book IV of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series was first published in ’95 or ’96)… and though Jen has written 7 other memoirs, you don’t have to read all of them to GET Jeneration X. Her first book though, Bitter is the New Black, is probably the best.

And for anyone who’s ever TRIED to spy on an obnoxious neighbor, Jen does so with totally Ninja finesse, and what she discovers about the porn-surfing neighbor next door in Bucktown (in Chicago) is priceless! And though Jen is a tad voyeur-ish in all her books, her exploits in Jen X create a new character, in my opinion: Jen-Sherlock VanBond, so make sure you’re close to the privy when you read that chapter in case your laughter causes your plumbing to spring a LEAK!

Many thanks to Ms. Biz for creating a forum to share our favorite tomes!

Happy Tuesday, All!

TenaciousB and her band of truth-spouting hippes…:)

Post #101 – No justice for Trayvon…and a feather in the cap of racism

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Like many, I was shocked and angry to hear that George Zimmerman was acquitted of 2nd Degree Murder and the lesser charge of Manslaughter in the Trayvon Martin case in Sanford, Florida. Since the Department of Justice and the NAACP are investigating the Martin case, and given the protests that erupted across the country from Times Square in New York to the Franklin County Courthouse here in Columbus, Ohio, to the city streets of Oakland, California, much less in Florida, demonstrates that the majority of Americans do not agree with the jury’s verdict.

I, personally, am among those that feel Trayvon’s family has been robbed. It was bad enough their child’s life was stolen at the tender age of 17, but now they’ve also been denied the verdict that would’ve sent Trayvon’s murderer to jail.

I realize I wasn’t a member of the jury, but did the jury not hear the same facts that we, the people, were privy to via the newspapers and news reports on TV? Trayvon was armed with Skittles and a can of Iced Tea, not a knife. Not a gun, not even a paperclip. But he was black, so that makes it different.

Never mind that he was just a kid walking along, wearing a hooded sweatshirt like so many teens (hell so many AMERICANS) wear in February because he wasn’t Caucasian, so he allegedly posed a threat to George Zimmerman who is quite obviously a good bit bigger than the teenager was. Yet Zimmerman’s injuries were described as “insignificant” compared to that of Martin. If Martin was such a threat, why weren’t Zimmerman’s injuries worse? Perhaps, because Zimmerman lied?

According to several news reports, Zimmerman was driving home when he saw Martin and called the police. That’s right. He SAW him. He didn’t observe Martin doing anything illegal or violent. Martin didn’t march up to Zimmerman’s vehicle with a Colt .45. Zimmerman was the only armed member of this violent tango that ended the life of a 17-year-old.

The truth of the matter: Martin was merely walking home. He didn’t say ANYTHING or do ANYTHING until Zimmerman approached him after Zimmerman had described Martin as a “punk” and an “asshole” to the Dispatcher in that chilling non-emergency phone call. If Zimmerman didn’t feel the need to dial 911, did he really feel that his life was threatened? I don’t think so. I think he just wanted to open up a can of pistol whoop ass on someone/anyone because he felt violated by break-ins in the neighborhood.

Is that not evidence of a hate crime to call someone a “punk” and an “asshole” automatically lumping Martin in with the unseen, actual criminals who unlawfully invaded homes in the area when there was no proof to support Zimmerman’s assumptions? Never mind the fact that Trayvon wasn’t one of the perpetrators of the burglaries because Zimmerman had the right to “Stand his Ground” according to a new law in Florida, that will probably inflict untold mayhem on the American justice system in the Sunshine State for decades.

It was dark outside that night. Zimmerman wasn’t even sure that Trayvon was black at first because Trayvon had his back to him, strolling away from Zimmerman while talking on the phone. It was quite clear from the testimony of Trayvon’s friend whom he spoke to during his confrontation with Zimmerman and the testimony of the police dispatcher that Trayvon was not the aggressor in this situation.

Given the fact that the Dispatcher told Zimmerman to “back off” and wait for the police, in essence – telling him to STAND DOWN, which Zimmerman ignored, leads me to believe that if Zimmerman had not initiated contact with Martin, neither one of them would’ve been injured. But we all know, that’s not what happened. And I guess evidence doesn’t matter in a court of law if you’re black.

But when was the last time a man or men in WHITE HOODS spouting racial slurs and threats of racial violence was/were incarcerated? I guess that won’t happen until they assault or murder a white person. And we all know that’s probably not going to happen.

Unfortunately, there’s not much more to say or do to reconcile this decimation of justice because regardless of the results of the investigations by the Department of Justice and the NAACP, George Zimmerman cannot be tried again in a court of law for 2nd degree murder a second time because of the law of Double Jeopardy. So, we the people are left with two options:

1) Don’t let your kids leave the house after dark alone, and…

2) God forbid if they do go out at night alone, don’t let them wear hooded sweatshirts because another over-zealous Neighborhood Watcher/wanna be cop might decide to rid the world of one more innocent.

That said, as I see it, this verdict is merely a feather in the cap for Racists and an indictment of vigilantism, and for that, I’m embarrassed to be a white American, and I pray that some good may rise from the flames of this tragedy in the form of appealing the Stand Your Ground law and better legislation to prevent this sort of lawless murder from happening again.

Over and out from f’cked up central…

TenaciousBitch and her band of truth-spouting hippies…

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#100!!! And, yes, it is all about the LITTLE things…:)

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Two momentous events occurred today:

FIRST –  Yes! You guessed it! THIS IS MY 100TH POST on WordPress! Woohoo… now if they were better organized chronologically, etc., I’d have a new book to polish/send to publishers. Although, the first 30 posts are included in the memoir I’m working on, Stop and Smell the Crazy, which encompasses how a certain drug addict stole around $50K from Nana (go here: …for that wild-assed tale).

SECONDLY, I did something today that millions of people do every day and probably take for granted. I took a 35-minute walk OUTSIDE in the beautiful sunshine while listening to my favorite radio station!!! Oh, the joy of being bathed in the sounds of Seether, Metallica, an old Nirvana song and a new tune from All that Remains while strolling through my suburb was just heavenly!

And I received CAT CALLS, LOL, from a couple of construction workers at the site of a new office building going up around the bend. Okay, don’t judge my GLEE about that, people…40 has been in my rearview for more than a minute, so that “Hey, baby,” from a rather hot 25-year-old wielding a shovel and a honk/wink from some 30ish guy in a dump truck is something I do NOT experience every day. Yes, such things annoyed me during my 20s, but those days are LONG gone…:)

I also met a very sweet basset hound, whose name is Buca, and when I asked my 80-year-old neighbor, Mr. Radebaugh, why his dog garnered a name akin to that of an Italian restaurant…he just shrugged and said, “You’ll have to consult a psychic on that one.”

Noting my confusion, Mr. Radebaugh proffered a whimsical smile and said, “The Mrs. named him. I didn’t really care what we called him, but the wife had some story about when she went to Italy back in the 60s, and I can’t remember what it was now. She’s been gone ’bout 3 years now.”

His face, then softened in utter sadness, and I felt horribly guilty because I didn’t realize his wife had passed, and I could spit on their house from ours. I’m such a bad neighbor.

However, I conveyed my condolences, gave Buca a solid ear-scratching and continued on my jaunt to Kroger where I dropped a letter in the mailbox out front and bought some bath soap. BONUS – I was also multitasking!

And, then, at the very end of my journey, I saw this beautiful little fellow in one of the few fields actually still existing in our Midwestern village:

BUNNY - LIKE CAM 2It’s really unusual to see a white rabbit out in the wild in Ohio especially during the daytime. They’re almost ALWAYS gray, so I wondered if he might be Cameron, Max’s bunny who ran away about 2 years ago. If not, he’s Cameron’s twin or, more likely, his offspring. Either way, I was shocked that he/she didn’t BOLT away before I snapped this photo. But at the sound of the obnoxious CLICK from my Android’s camera, he scurried into some brush a good 20 feet away before I could take a breath.

Anywho…why is my walkabout such a big deal? Well, while taking care of Nana for the last 30 months, I rarely ever walked OUTDOORS because I was always afraid that she’d fall or some other malady would occur, and Nana wouldn’t be able to call me or 911. And by the time Charlie gets home around 5-5:30, I’m usually in happy hour MODE, ready to crash on the chaise lounge out back or in the hot tub in the winter, and not in the “let’s rival Susan Powter/the Biggest Loser/Denise Austen” frame of mind…

Therefore, though I’ve heard it 1,000 times, today’s life lesson: Definitely don’t take the little things for granted cuz you never know when they might be gone/not possible…and I vowed to try to walk/jog about my block every day from now on (or at least 4/5 times/week – weather permitting) so that, maybe, by next fall, I can look like this again…

LL IN BLUE JEAN SKIRTYeah, that’s really me when I was still modeling – when I was 42ish, I think…sigh…too little time to exercise and much of Nana’s need for SWEETS translated into my wolfing down just a couple BITES of cake (that often turned into large pieces of cake) and sometimes overindulging in my beloved Merlot added 22 pounds to my behind. I wore a size 6 in that photo. Now, I wear a 12 (ugh), and I know that’s not OBESE, but my blood pressure and my cholesterol are higher than they should be as well. So…I’m doing Jorge Cruise’s 100 diet and the whole MORE CARDIO pledge…:)

That said, OVER AND OUT from f-cked up central…:)

TenaciousBITCH and her band of truth-spouting hippies…


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